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  1. Are there qualifications to become a resident of GrandView?
  2. What if something happens and I can't do everything independently - will I be told to move to another home, or to another building or even location?
  3. Will there be health professionals on-site?
  4. Many communities require you to prepay for medical services that may happen in the future. Will I have to do that at GrandView?
  5. Are there any entrance fees for GrandView and if so what percentage is retained?
  6. Other communities give me a life time lease – that means I own it doesn’t it?
  7. Is there a monthly membership fee and what level of service can I expect?
  8. Do you monitor my finances or spending habits?
  9. What is a Life Services Retirement Community (LSRC)?
  10. What will GrandView feel like to me when I walk through the front door?
  11. I’ve heard some stories about retirement communities which are struggling financially; is GrandView connected with any of these communities?
  12. All retirement communities emphasize “lifestyle”. What makes GrandView different?
  13. How can GrandView help me stay healthy?
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