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We would like to share some of the stories that GrandView Buyers have as to why they decided to be a part of this revoluntionary new concept.

"We were so excited after our visit with you that we returned to the site on Sunday and toured the Roxborough State Park. This was a new experience for us and we were all blown away with the scenery, trails and visitor center. Bill is ready to join the volunteer guides - if he ever completely retires!!

As you know, we had reviewed a number of different models for active senior living. We were searching for a site that would offer flexibility and choices regarding types of services when needed. For us the freedom to make our own decisions regarding our life style, and for our family to fully assist us in those decisions, was most important. Most of the models for senior living that we examined undercut that freedom and GrandView did not in any way. Owning our home, maintaining control of our estate and assets are also major considerations.

Bill and I love life outdoors, hiking and golfing especially. We have lived on a golf course with a panoramic view of wooded countryside for the past eleven years. GrandView offers the scenery, hiking trails and golf nearby.

It is now time to move close to our daughter and her family, giving up lawn work for more recreation time. Our three sons and their families are scattered all over the country. At GrandView we will be free of household concerns to travel from Denver’s international airport for visits and to seek warmer climates for winter vacations.

Moving to Highlands Ranch by the end of June next year, we look forward to seeing you again and watching the construction of our new home."

- Bill and Nona, West Virginia


Working as a physician in an outpatient clinic I saw an 85 yr old man who was being evaluated for depression. His story was that he and his wife had to move across country to be in this area close to his daughter because his wife had developed dementia. His wife is now in a nursing home and he visits her every day. He lives in a home nearby that he is renting. When he visits the nursing home, his wife is at the door waiting for him. She still recognizes him and after his visit she repeatedly asks, “When can I come home?”

A major cause of his depression is this repeated sad plea from his wife. This scenario is complicated further by the fact that the cost of her care is unsustainable and he is not sure how long he can continue at this pace.

The reassuring thought for us is that when GrandView is ready we will not face this difficulty. If and when one of us is disabled:

  • We will not be separated.
  • We will not be placed in an unfamiliar environment.
  • We will not be separated from friends.
  • It will not cost a huge additional amount of money.

It appears that GrandView will take advantage of all the new technologies such as sensors, locking devices and other assist devices that make “aging in place” a safe, economical and desirable vision for us.

“We were looking for an easier life that is more peaceful with less stress. After looking at your website we decided to come to a lunch presentation to learn more. GrandView was presented in a friendly and informative manner. We never felt any pressure to make a decision and all of our questions were answered honestly. We had been to many other retirement communities but got frustrated. They either were complexes that had rental homes but no services, or communities that had services but where we had to pay a lot of money up-front to live there but really never owned it. We wanted a place to call home that really was our home and that had all the services options we may ever need. We found GrandView to be exactly what we were looking for. I can honestly say that my husband and I can breathe easier now. We have found a place that we can still own and that we will not be asked to leave if one of us needs help. Thank you for creating GrandView, “our new home”.”

- Ken and Cynthia, Denver

“After reading your ad in the Highlands Ranch Herald, I decided to come see for myself. It was important to my family for me to be in a safe and secure environment that would give me the life I desire. I am very active and social activities are very important to me. When I learned more about GrandView, the people involved and why it was created I knew it could be what I was looking for. Since then I have reserved my new home and am having so much fun choosing all the different finishes inside. The staff have been so helpful and has made this transition in my life go smoothly. If there is anything I need, they are there for me. I am happy that I will be able to call GrandView my home and look forward to meeting my new neighbors and new friends! Thanks.”

- Donna, Littleton

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