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Below you will find some thoughts and observations about life and retirement that may be of interest to you.

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Putting on Your BIG Girl/Boy Pants

Independence Day!

I Have a Great Memory, It's Just Short!

How To Easily Save $ BUT - Not Be Happy!

I Thought It Would Take A Lot Longer To Get Old!

Red Boots - Really?

And Who Remembers Erma?

My New Year’s Resolution List

The Top 10 Things to Do for the PERFECT Christmas

Thanksgiving - Then and Now

The Junk Drawer

Customer Service...What Ever Happened To It?

The Scooter!

If I Could Turn Back Time

Should You Ever Settle for Something Less?

Location/Location/Location - How to Define It!

Too Many Decisions and It Starts With Election Year 2016

The Oldest Daughter - They Take Care of Everything, BUT...

So Does This Mean I'm Old?

What Happened To My Crystal Ball?

My Shoes Don't Fit Anymore - A Life Lesson

21 Rules For a Good Old Age

Ahhhhh, The Good Old Days!

Life Is NOT a Dress Rehearsal

Are You Looking Out the Window or Playing Outside?

Bucket List? First I Want to Check Off Items From My Pail List!

20/20 - Do You Need an Eye Doctor to Really See?

What Is the Right Time?

Time Flies!

This Time I Meant It! (part 3)

This Time I Meant It! (part 2)

This Time I Meant It! (part 1)

Who Holds Your "Paw"?

Choice! A Good Thing?

Would You GO For It?

It's Springtime - YIPPEE!!!

Are You a “Planner” and a “Doer”?

Is This My Life?

I'm Still the Parent.

I Love My House!

I'm Not Ready For a Retirement Community Yet.