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The GrandView philosophy of Wellness combines the input of each owner as well as the staff to create programs and opportunities that meet their needs utilizing the components listed below.

Emotional Wellness: managing feelings, being aware of and accepting life’s changes and challenges. Examples: sharing personal histories and experiences with various generations, utilizing humor and laughter

Intellectual Wellness: engaging in stimulating activities or creative pursuits. Examples: attending classes and lectures, reading, auditing college courses, participating in cultural activities and hobbies

Physical Wellness: utilizing lifestyle habits to maintain or improve health. Examples: participating in various forms of exercise, nutrition and managing your health on a daily basis

Professional Wellness: maintaining skills, abilities, and attitude to stay productive and satisfied with the work you do. Examples: volunteering mentoring/tutoring serving on boards or committees

Social Wellness: participating and interacting with others in the community. Examples: traveling, visiting friends and family, dancing and participating in group and intergenerational activities

Spiritual Wellness: exploring beliefs and values to create personal peace and a purpose in life. Examples: joining faith-based activities, meditating, practicing yoga, or tai chi

Environmental Wellness: leading a lifestyle that is respectful to yourself, your home and others. Examples: utilizing meditation gardens or walking paths, using eco-friendly products and services